taking pictures.. :)



yayayaa, smua pda gk bsa pegi, jadi na cma be2 sma marvi, udh kyk org pacaran, smua na ber2.. bercacat2 ria, smbil foto2, smpe diliatin byk org..hahaaa :)

marvi mau nyontek!!!!!

nyuapin marvi minum..hihi


nice yaaaa? hahaaa


♥ likes this QUOTES! ♥

there is a simple word that it isn't simple anymore when your heart say it.it is love

when they say you hurt me, I say you teach me how to be someone better

when you say 'I love you',I hear it by my heart not my ear

bad things are always going to happen,people will hurt you.what you have to do is,stay cool

you have to say what you feel,before you don't have any time to say it

when they laugh over my sadness,I pray 'someday we will laugh over our happiness together

everytime you smile at someone,it is an action of love,a gift to that person,a beautiful thing

apologizing : doesn't always mean that you're wrong and the other person is right,it means that you value ur relationship more than your ego

don't hurt me! cause someone will hurts you then.trust me

sometimes I prefer hide what I feel.try to use my mask and tell them that 'Im okay

when my friends see me cry,they don't say anything.they just make me happy and make me forget what I feel

there are two sides for everything.good and bad.right and wrong.light and dark.but both of them still support each other

he/she is not for you if he/she treats you not well.just try to find someone better

truly bestfriends never come when you need.cause they will always be there,don't care if you need them or not

Don't say you love me.Let me know it by read your heart and how you treat me

one thing that I really love about
my bestfriends,they could make me laugh out loud even someone has broke my heart

life is like a drama.God is its director.You and I are the actors.and our life way is what's on the script.God has made it

when I don't say anything,I wish you could understand what I mean

2 hands to hold,2 legs to walk,2 eyes to see,2 ears to listen.but why only one heart, because the other was given to someone else,for us to find

I love it when people judge me negatively ESPECIALLY the part when they find out they were wrong

Dont broke your friendship only for boy who was cant always beside you when you need them