I was very excited this afternoon, had done some photoshoot with my JHS friend.. 
She is a young talent woman with a plenty of creative idea.. I'll show you later the photos.. :)
It's a rondom picture anyway.. 
Mom's help me to take this photo, thank you mommy for being my spontaneous photographer.. :p


your love is my drug

This heart feel empty without your love
My body feel unwell without your care
My brain lose concentration without your voice
well, I'm not good enough to make some sweet words like you do
I can't be perfect like an angell
I'm not as pretty as a model in magz
I can give you love
I can give you care
and you have the special space in my heart Mr.D


Dating with mommy

Had fun with mommy yesterday! We went to Grand Indonesia Shopping town. 
It took about 45 minutes to get there from my home, yap Jakarta is crazy about traffic. 
But well I love this city no matter how crazy it is.. :p 
After walking around, we decided to had Mr.Curry for our lunch and after full, 
Ready for hunting some cute stuff.. :))

 Main Menu : Hokkai Curry Ramen

 Dessert : Dorayaki Ice Cream Choco



have you ever been judged? yap, I think judgement is a little bit scary. moreover if the result doesn't match as you wish. well the answer might be just Yes or No. But I think that short answer will affect your life. Am I true? But, the lesson is believe it that there are better opportunities out there and it will comes to youu.. (:

All wardrobe and Accesories from Vashion Queen



Hollaaaaa..... I'm on Holiidaaay, and suddenly got some idea to change my blog name. 
Yap it's "SUN FLOWER"  a random change actualy.. It comes when I edited my photos which I get hold of sun flower..  Hope I could always update my blog starting now and no more lazy to post it.. :p
The photos was taken when I had lunch with D at Canteen, Plaza Indonesia.