Self Portrait

Decide to had the self portrait yesterday. Yes, thats my messy room but the favourite place where I mostly stayed. 
I feel very lazyy during the holiday. I guess my weight will a bit move to the right side when I stand in a weight scale :|

 Ombre top - Gaudi // Tribal skirt - Forever21 // Necklace, Ring and bracelet - Vashion Queen //
 Flower Headband - Forever 21

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hello JULY

 people say it's better late than never, and I would like to say hello to the seventh month, July.. I do love this month, because of the long holiday is start in this month. Also the mid-year-sale as I can see in most stores at mall. I wore this casual simple outfit while I was hanging out with my cousins yesterday. This yellow stripes knitting top is actually my mom's closet :p

this two necklaces is the newest collection of Vashion Queen Go grab them before it sold out!

  my messy ombre rainbow nails and my cheap vintage bag. anyway I bought this bag only idr 50.000 :p