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I had a couple photoshoot with D about last two week, my friends Alan taken all this photos below :)
As you can see that the photo's line is "Steal.my concept"
Actually steal is come from his name, STEven ALan

Enjoy the "narsisious couple" everyone.. :D

Black Lace Dress - Simplicity
Tight - Topshop
Boots - June+Julia



Heeey, long time no see since the new year's post.. 
Kinda busy to prepare the Job Fair event. 
Yap, I'm grateful to be chosen as the Coordinator of the Job Hunter for this event.. :) 
I won't write to long, just going to share some photos that I get in one of Italian Restaurant
 In Pacific Place mall, Jakarta 

Anyway, Congratulation to lovely BF. You've got the title in your name, dude :p
Hope I can get it too ASAP.. hihi

Statement ring from Vashion Queen


Welcome 2012


First of all, I'm wishing you a very happy new year guys.. 
time goes so fast yaaa.. Don't you think so? 2011 is just over, and I'm thankfull for its. Twenty-eleven was meaningful for me, it gave me a lot of experiences, of sadness, happiness, tears, jokes, laughter, sorrow, trouble, love, EVERYTHING!
I wish I could tell you one by one..HAHA
If you asked me whats the lovable moments I will answered "A LOT"
But the most unforgetable moment is I lost my car in May 20 (1day after my mom's bday), But thanks God I know you love me, I got my car back 3days later..:D
what's your unforgetable moment in 2011? And have you got the 2012 resolution list or something you have to do before 2012 end?
ooh well, I'm still Thinking :p

// leopard cardigan - Ribbon // Highwaist - Glitz // Bag-Louis Vuitton // Crocs Necklace - Forever21 // Sandals - Forever21 //