waaaw, it's December already.. 2012 is going to end soon!! I can feel a smell of holiday, YEEAAY!!
I will have my final exam on monday and it will finish in the next two weeks.. huuft, I hate exam for sure..
Wish me luck anyway :)

those are the pictures when me and my friends were having a table manner at Santika Hotel Jakarta last week.. It's a kind of lessons when we're teached how to eat in behave.. I enjoyed the lessons and off course took many experience with it. Some people said that our personality can be seen from how we eat. Isn't it? :p


Black always good

It's been two months since the last post. 
Had a very busy day in college make me can't update my blog. But I do update my instagram :p
the photos above were taken a few weeks ago when I had a dinner with D :)
I really love my new black dress.. Yes, I never get bored with black colour.. Don't you agree? :p

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another family vacation

Sadly to say that holiday is over! hectic day will be start on monday :(
By the way I just got back from family vacation.
I went to Singapore and Thailand for a week.
And this pictures below were taken when I stayed at Singapore. 
enjoyed the cool view at marinabaysand! :)


ethnic august

Hello August! the month that will bring me into the new semester in college. 

Again! I managed to had a self portrait in my room
 I think it's my current fave place to explore my narcissistic :p
anyway, do you see any different since my latest post?
 I just cut my hair and back with my (dora) bangs, what do you think? :')

Decided to wear an ethnic touch in this post, It's actually "Batik skirt" that I bought  a long time ago and haven't got a chance to wear it.

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Self Portrait

Decide to had the self portrait yesterday. Yes, thats my messy room but the favourite place where I mostly stayed. 
I feel very lazyy during the holiday. I guess my weight will a bit move to the right side when I stand in a weight scale :|

 Ombre top - Gaudi // Tribal skirt - Forever21 // Necklace, Ring and bracelet - Vashion Queen //
 Flower Headband - Forever 21

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hello JULY

 people say it's better late than never, and I would like to say hello to the seventh month, July.. I do love this month, because of the long holiday is start in this month. Also the mid-year-sale as I can see in most stores at mall. I wore this casual simple outfit while I was hanging out with my cousins yesterday. This yellow stripes knitting top is actually my mom's closet :p

this two necklaces is the newest collection of Vashion Queen Go grab them before it sold out!

  my messy ombre rainbow nails and my cheap vintage bag. anyway I bought this bag only idr 50.000 :p



Hellooooowww! It's been so long since the last post. Thanks God I just finished all exam last week and of course the hardest semester is end.

I'm gonna share you guys an Indonesian start up fashion label that offers casual apparel calls "CRAVE"
The brand has its own signature style by continuosly using paneling fabric technique. Not only fashionable, nut CRAVE also offers style tgat is simple and wearable but it is unique for just a daily wear.
The brand was created by a group of woman with fashion based background from Raffles Design Institute Jakarta. whom are Cindy Andri Putri, Fadiyah Shamilla Alaydrus, Gabriella Valonia Anjani, Naomi Talitha Adjani and Veny Lestari. In this spring/summer 2012, CRAVE mini collection "BLINKS OF SWEETS" was inspired by the sweetness and colours of sorbet, ice cream, candy and other sweets. Watch out! because it's going to be sweet, super fun and will make you crave for more!

I was Lucky to be one of their model :) Check out the pictures below :p


Time Machine

I just feel like I need more time. I always think that 24hours is not enough. 
Time flies so fast, If only I have a time machine.

ooh well, I know today won't be repeated. Just thankful of what's happened and enjoy tomorrow :)