make it quick

Decide to have a quick post.  I'm feeling unwell at this moment, I've got a Flu and headache :(
My semester holiday just ended a week ago and yeesss 4 semester is now going on! My 24hours will be end faster but I Promise to keep on posting here :)

today is Vannie's 20th birthday. She's one of my bestfriend btw, and this morning me and marvie went to her house to give her a birthday cake and also birthday gift (this is kind of our ritual :p) 
Happy Birthday to you, Van 

Ring and bracelets - unbranded, Necklace - Vashion Queen

navy blue dress - Ribbon. Belt - Yuan 

Have a Great Saturday everyone! 


ladies night

I met my ladies yesterday, yes I have 4 beautiful ladies I've known about more than 4 years. But, since we graduate from senior high school, one of my ladies is continuing her studies at sidney. I just lucky to have them as my best friends :)

have I told you that the funniest thing about us is our "sounding" last name. Yes, four of us are having the same last name.. Jennie (me) , Lennie (wearing orange Top) , Vannie ( wearing navy blue dress) , Sannie (she's in sydney right know :p ) and last but not least is Marvie (wearing red Top) the one who has the different name's.. 
We had a fun dinner at ninety-nine restaurant at Grand Indonesia Shopping mall, since we're in the different college our meetings always become an awaited moment :)

I'm wearing flowery dress from new look :)