Woke up when the sun goes up, having my brunch and sitting in front of my laptop for the free time are so rarely.  I'm off to college today and decide to stay at home. Yes,  home is the most comfortable place since I was born, don't you think so?
well, March will be end soon and next week I'll face my midterm test which is going on my birthday! *straight face* I'm not ready for the test but wish me luck!

I'm kinda addicted of wearing knitting series. and for your info, it's rare for me to wear a sneakers when I go out.. :p



hellooo, I'm back! March is kinda a hectic month.. I've been so busy lately, yes because of the event called NSCD (National Seminar and Career Development days), This event was prepared by BEM FE from mid of November and just finished last friday. There were 3 event in NSCD : First is IBE (Indonesian Bussines Expo) a kind of event where many entrepreneurs could show or display their product, the second is Job Fair,  and the main event is Seminar by Andrie Wongso and Talkshow moderated by Yuanita and the guess star is Addie M.S, Aming, and Marcella Lumowa. I'm Happy to be part of the crew, this is kind of new experienced for me.. :D

I was wearing this cute mask at the seminar. :p