love is?

When you love someone
Just be brave to say that you want him to be with you
When you hold your love
Don't ever let it go
Or you will lose your chance
To make your dreams come true
-Endah N' Rhesa-

I love this song so much since the first time I heard it. The lyric is very meaningful, dont you think so?
and how do you describes what Love is......?

This photos were taken about two weeks ago in  Playground Restaurant. I'm wearing Leather jacket combaine with the asymmetrical skirt and the envelope clutch bag :)

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uuyeeeah, it's freedom!  just finnished my midterm test and feeling so free after 2 weeks doing the most boring activities! ---> studying

well it's kinda late maybe. In the last post I said that april is my favourite month, Yap Time goes so fast, everybody are also growing up.  so do I! I've been alive for about 7300 days and well, I'm officially twenty on april, 10th :)
as I known, birthday is the moment that everyone are waiting for. you might be excited on your birthday, am I right?
So sad that my birthday was coincided with midterm test :( and I guess it will happen again next year. poor me!

Thank you so much everyone for the wishes you give through the blackberry Massanger, Twitter, Facebook. I'm so blessed, May God Bless you as always :)



I dont really know why 1st april celebrated as a day when many people play all kinds of jokes and foolishness, but It's funny I think even I'm not the april fools day fans :p

Well, It's my month! April is my favourite month of the year. The most reason is I was born in this month, the other is because my last name is "Aprilla" 
Since I was in elementary, my teacher often called my last name with Aprilia maybe its because "i" and "l" looks similar, even now my lecturers or new friends rarely pronounce my name correctly .__.

Today also my Anniversary with D.Happy Anniversary dear! keep loving me