another family vacation

Sadly to say that holiday is over! hectic day will be start on monday :(
By the way I just got back from family vacation.
I went to Singapore and Thailand for a week.
And this pictures below were taken when I stayed at Singapore. 
enjoyed the cool view at marinabaysand! :)


ethnic august

Hello August! the month that will bring me into the new semester in college. 

Again! I managed to had a self portrait in my room
 I think it's my current fave place to explore my narcissistic :p
anyway, do you see any different since my latest post?
 I just cut my hair and back with my (dora) bangs, what do you think? :')

Decided to wear an ethnic touch in this post, It's actually "Batik skirt" that I bought  a long time ago and haven't got a chance to wear it.

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