Hello, maybe it's kinda late, I just finished my midterm test so didn't have a spare time enough..  I'm excited to share you another unforgetable surprises.. Yep, it's my Birthday, Thanks GOD for the one more birthday I get.. Wuhuuuu, I'm Nineteen! :D

I would like to share you about the day called " 10 April ", well it's more than I've expected. Lets start it from  the 00.00am, I got a called from D and He sang me a Happy Birthday song after He changed his profile picture of his BBM with a picture of him with the HBD paper (I'll show you later) then, I saw that my recent updates were full with the birthday wishes which was given to me, Thankyou so much guys! I was touched..

And in the sunny sunday morning. Mommy was wake me up with the HBD song and she wishes me a happy birthday, she wishes me to be a good daughter (am I not good enough? LOL), she also wants me to study harder, get a good scores, get a healthy body with more birthday to come.. :)

As usual, I usually go to my grandmom's house at saunday. I got home about 11 and at 12 I got a first birthday surprise from D and my closest friends (Vannie, Marvie, Lennie). I was playing my game when they came into my room..
D gave me Polaroid as a gift, thank you so much dear! He knows I want it for a long time.. :)
Not only the choco polaroid, D also make me some diary that contents birthday wishes from my family and friends. At the end of the diary, there are also my pictures on it.. Thank you (again) love! :*

I decided to go to Campus at 3, my friends ask me to study together cause we still have a test tommorow. D drove me to Campus and when we arrived someone knock the window, and D opened it. Guess what? My friends were outside hold a birthday donouts with a 19 candles on it.. I make a wish before blew out the candles and suddenly two of my friends which standing behind me poured a water on me! Not only an Aqua water fyi. I feel so sticky, cold and I think my body was taste strawberry at that time.. Thankful my friends brought me a pair of clothes, and they give me super girl stuff as a gift.. Thankyou yaaa.. :)
After cleaned my body, we studied until about 6 then got home.. 

When arrived at home, I actually going to take a bath after having my BB's charge. But, surprisingly masked troops were came into my room and I was held hostage. They binding my hand with rope and closed my eyes. Yap, there were Van, Mar, and Len.. They ushered me out to the outside and taraaaaaa three eggs, water and flour were thrown to me! I feel like a dough. Stinky? Yes, I am! FYI, D was not going home, He lied! 

Well, after have a bath I get the third birthday surprise cake and also a gift from my ladies.. Thankyou so much yaaa, you all really make my day. Thank you for all the surprises today, I LOVE YOUUU!! 

Thanks dear :*

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I LOVE YOU GUYS! *Kiss and Hug*