i got it! :)

yeeeey, i've already taken my IELTS score, and i don't know should i happy or not?
hmm, honestly i didn't get really good score, but i think it's enough.. :)
it means i shouldn't get test again and my preparation for two weeks was working! :))
but, i must study harder and harder to get a better score!

5 komentar:

  1. IELTS ma TOEFL...lbi guna mn c jen?
    Congratulations ye...sry telat =p

  2. hmm, sebener na c kegunaan na sma aj kok..

  3. ow sm ja...kirain bda geto....
    Test dmn c jen?

  4. ow d Kuningan...Jauhny....
    Dh lm lez jen?Gw ge cr tmpt lez yg bgz n Enak ne..hwhw
    "Enak"...mknan x..=p


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