Tic Toc

Final test is in sight!!!
wooow! Time goes so fast! I feel like I need xtra time,
I mean more than 24hours/day..
Sometimes I wish I could get a time machine like Doraemon's do.. I have entered college for a semester..
It means I've been here (college) for approximately 6 months.. Just going to share, somehow I feel so sick of accounting, I feel loathe with math or it can be said that I hate college (sometimes).
But, hellooow!! I've to wake up!
I've been choose this way (accounting major) so I have to survive here until I got my economic degree.
At least my name becomes longer -> "Jennie Aprilla, SE" LOL
But behind all the boredom, Thanks God I have such a really great friends that colours my day! Especially "YOU", always supporting and makes me forget with all the tedium.. :*

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