Holllaaaaa.. Anyway, this is my first diary in 2011..hihi.. Well, I'm on holiday now, a long holiday for sure! And I feel kinda lazy because of the irregular time.. I dont have a regular bedtime, sleeping till midnight and get up when ever I want.. Sometimes I feel boring and hope the class will start soon, but the other hand I enjoy my free time, I dont have to worry about the assignment and absolutely I dont need to wake up in the early morning.. What a lazzzyyyyyy girl..Lol :p

The next class will start on 14 February, as known as Valentine days.. Cant wait to begin my new class, new semester, new friends, and off course new lessons that might be more challange.. Fiuuuh -.-

Model by : Jennie, Vhannie
Photograpgh by : Cindy Andri Putri

More photos click here

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