Trip 1

helloooow! its been a long time since the last post.. well, in this post I would like to share you during my family trip to China.. We spent 9days in China and 2days in Hongkong.. The first city I stayed in China was Beijing. As you know, China is one of a crowded country same as Indonesia but the different is China is neat state.. There wasn't any annoying traffic jam there because most of people prefer to walk than using their own transport when their going to somewhere.. The public transportation also pretty much better than Indonesia.. I think my country should cheat this country a lot.. :')
But the Public toilet here was very disgusting, I mean the restroom was very dirty and stinky. Well, check this out throughout my holidaay! enjoy my pictures! LOL

the first day of my tour schedulle was visited the Summer Palace, it's the residence of Qing Dynasty Emperor, this park became a luxurious royal garden as a place to rest and feast for the royal family. Then the second place I've visited is one of the seven wonders in the world. guess what? yap! it's Great Wall..
Summer Palace

Great wall

croissant, strawberry wafel, greentea cake roll

salad with bacon and egg

the post is will be continue! :)

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