Pasta Lover

 yeay, both me and D are the pasta lover..hahaha We usually eat pasta when we're having a date.. :P
and two days ago We ate pasta for twice in different reataurant. first we go to Pizza Marzano, then we go to Carlo de Huts. :)

Review for Pizza Marzano:
The taste of the pizza was good, but I don't know I even prefer Pizza Hut..LOL and it's not recommended for you who doesn't bring much money.. :P The pasta was good too, but the portion is a bit small..HAHAHA.

Fettucini Carbonara
Taste: Creamy
Price: Rp 60.000

Etna Pizza
Taste : a bit spicy, crunchy
Price: Rp 77.000

Marzano Mocktail
taste: FRESH (y)
Price : Rp35.000
Review for Carlo de Huts:
That was the second times I go to Carlo de Huts, I recommend this Italian restaurant for you who doesn't like crowds. It's not a big restaurant, but the atmosphere is very comfortable. The The price was OK and the food was good.. you can also enjoy the free hot spot with fast internet connection there. :)

The interior in Carlo de Huts

Salmon Spaghetty
orange mocktail

Life is sweet like this Lolypop, enjoy your weekend every one! :D

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